SkinCompare aims to provide clear and relevant information on common skin conditions, treatments, products and clinics. All of the articles are written by Consultant Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons.  SkinCompare is not designed to be used for self  diagnosis. The aim is that you use the site after you have seen either your GP or a specialist to get a diagnosis for the problem that you are concerned about.

There are clearly many sources of information on the internet, some god, some overly complex and some incorrect.  The articles on this website are designed to reinforce the information that you have been told in clinic. We have tried to write them in plain English and to focus on the treatments that are sensible and are likely to work rather than listing the full range of possible options.

We know that there is often too much information given during a clinic consultation and afterwards patients go home and wish they had written it all down. Skin Compare aims to provide clear and practical information to help you to understand your skin condition and how to keep your skin healthy.


Product suggestions appear on SkinCompare in 3 ways. Any product with its own product page has been suggested by SkinCompare. These product suggestions are based on our knowledge of what we know works and have not been suggested or promoted by manufacturers. If you click through to Amazon a small fee is paid to SkinCompare by Amazon. Most of the products are also available in large supermarkets and pharmacies. Products that appear in the top page banners are adverts paid for by manufacturers and adverts in side banners are placed by google using their adsense system.


SkinCompare does not recommend any clinics. To help you solve your skin care problems, SkinCompare does suggest some clinics and any that are listed on the site are provided by specialists who are formally registered as trained Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons or Dentists. Many people claim to be skin care experts with little formal training. SkinCompare aims to direct you to the fully trained experts who will make a correct diagnosis and give good advice.  If a clinic on SkinCompare has paid for an advert to get a more prominent page position it will be labeled as ‘sponsored’  . The best way to find a good clinic is by word of mouth.

For further information on SkinCompare please contact us via email: skincompare@gmail.com

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