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New hope for alopecia areata


The inflammatory molecules that cause alopecia areata are increasingly understood. Tofacitinib is a drug that was being tested for psoriasis and was observed to improve alopecia areata(AA). Formal clinical trials are now showing promising results. This drug could be a great help for many patients with severe AA who have previously had few options.

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Biologic drugs for psoriasis


The NHS in England currently funds biologic drug treatments for the most severely affected psoriasis patients. The main risks are a very small increased risk of infection . Many patients get an excellent life changing response

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Skin Cancer


Skin cancers are the most common forms of cancer in the western world. The vast majority are due to sun damage and previous episodes of sun burn. Most are not life threatening. Everyone needs to self monitor their skin and see a Dermatologist if any new skin lesions develop or if existing skin lesions change.

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Soolantra for Rosacea


Some patients using Soolantra for rosacea are reporting an intial flare before improvement. Is this demodex death stimulating inflammation prior to resolution?

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New rosacea cream - 1% Ivermectin


Many rosacea researchers believe that demodex mites are a possible trigger for rosacea. Galderma, a drug company, have recently received approval for a new cream , Soolantra, containning 1% ivermectin

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Rhinophyma can be hard to treat but excellent results can be obtained with electrosurgery.

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